Since 2001, our team has been developing innovative polymer modification technologies and product applications to satisfy very specific market requirements across many polymer fields
Based on previous projects and different development fields in big companies ; 
https://youtu.be/AemYK_hGZXM (“Ozone knife”, 2001)
https://youtu.be/p0hWs-GtZXQ (METACLAY)

The company has achieved good demand for its products throughout Europe which it can now service through Slovenian facilities which are capable of manufacturing and supplying 3500-4000 tons of product per year.


Our vision is to be pioneers in the field of polymer modification technologies.
Being a dynamic and innovative company enables us to satisfy any demand with the provision of superior quality products at competitive prices


We are mostly directed to creating polymeric composite materials that are polymeric alloys.
To achieve the goal, we combine immiscible and incompatible in nature polymers.
In order to obtain these components in a compatible one and elicit synergism of Properties, we apply various kinds of innovative miscibility technologies such as:

– Grafting Solid Phase;

– Flow-Induced Crystallization;

– Solid State Melt Extrusion;

– Hot Ozonolysis;

– Powder Hybridization.