Our proprietary products are designed and manufactured to meet our client’s needs by allowing them to create polymers with properties which not been previously attainable.

GRAFTABOND – a line of graft/block copolymers (adhesion promotors) for combining various polymers with fibreglass, carbon fibre, mineral, natural fillers, and mixed polymer waste.

GRAFTALEN – a line of reactive solid super-concentrates for polyolefin rheology modification, E-modulus enhancer, PET/PBT chain extender, and AOX masterbatch.

GRAFTAPOR – a unique line of porous (80-120% porosity) polymer-carriers for many liquid chemicals.

GRAFTAMID – a unique line of high-temperature elastomers based on nanostructured polyolefin-polyamide alloys for high-tech hardening modifiers in polyamide compounds, as well as an independent compound in the cable industry, in hot melt adhesives.

GRAFTAKIT – a reactive liquid or solid super concentrates on polymeric porous for carrying out reaction extrusion and modification of compounds directly at the customer’s disposal, which is especially in demand in the production of non-woven polymer products, blow moulding, foaming, cable, pipe, and packaging.

GRAFTALLOY – a line of “polymer-polymer” nano-alloys to increase abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, impact strength and reduce the friction coefficient.

GRAFTASYNT – a line of unique synthetic products, including HFFR flame retardants (Halogen-Free Flame Retardants).).

GRAFTAMER – a unique version of polymer known as “smart-polymers” which are thermally reversible cross-linking, self-hardening, self-healing polymers with “shape memory”.